Mark Twain National Forest Clean Up Run

Sponsored by MWJT/SIJA/MRJT

October 23, 2004

Meet at Potosi Citgo, Intersection 21 & 8 at 10:00am

Will travel to Axle Breaker and split up into smaller groups


Please join us for this multi-club event. We are working with the cooperation of the Potosi Forest Service.

The Forest Service is dropping off a dumpster on the pad at Axle Breaker for us to fill up... so LETS FILL IT UP!!

We might NOT be able to pick up tires... there's LOTS of tires to pick up... Will change the web site when we know for sure.


There's lots of stuff to cut yourself on, and to slip and fall. Here's the Forest Service Guidelines



Be careful of Meth Lab garbage. IF YOU RUN INTO THIS STUFF, LEAVE IT ALONE AND NOTE THE LOCATION SO WE CAN NOTIFY THE FOREST SERVICE. Here's their guidelines. They emphasized to leave any propane tanks alone (they can rupture and have gasses inside that will kill you)




If you have a GPS, please download these waypoints and tracks.. Please note... Waypoints 1 to 46 were actually viewed... other waypoints were mapped by the Forest Service... if we have the chance.. lets hit them too! A map will posted soon with additional waypoints.




Waypoint descriptions and photos

Waypoint 1: Intersection, tires present

Waypoint 2: Pile to remove

Waypoint 3: Pile to remove, road continues with more trash.

Waypoint 5: Pile with tires

Waypoint 6: Pile with tires

Waypoint 10: Big Devil. Lots of piles and tires

Waypoint 11: Little pile, misc trash

Waypoint 12: Near Big Devil, large trash and carpet

Waypoint 13: Entrance to Axle Breaker with tires

Waypoint 14: Little stuff near intersection

Waypoint 15: Little piles, several locations

Waypoint 16: Axle Breaker pad, hopefully a dumpster will be here.

Waypoint 17: Axle Breaker area, lots of little stuff.

Waypoint 18: Water heater, still in Axle Breaker area

Waypoint 22: Refrigerator

Waypoint 23: Chair.


Waypoint 24: Little Devil area. LOTS OF STUFF on steep hill. Will be difficult to get to.

Waypoint 25: Little stiff, including hose

Waypoint 26: Little stuff scattered about

Waypoint 27: Campground area, lots of little stuff

Waypoint 28: Near Toilet, little stuff scattered around

Waypoint 30: Campground, lots of little stuff

Waypoint 32: Sheet metal

Waypoint 34 & 35: Scattered little stuff

Waypoint 37: Tires

Waypoint 38: Camp area, lots of little stuff scattered around

Waypoint 39: Dishwasher near pond

Waypoint 40: Campground

Waypoint 41: Larger stuff down hill

Waypoint 42: Big stuff near pond

Waypoint 43: Radiator Hill, Tires, misc stuff

Waypoint 46: Misc stuff on side of road